We have to stop accepting mediocre Love from ppl we give unconditional Love to.





Let. It. Go.

They already have.


I’m trying to.


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Cuban artist, Erik Ravelo, photographs his interpretation of some global issues involving the mistreatment of our children. Moving and amazing.

Cuban artist, Erik Ravelo, photographs his interpretation of some global issues involving the mistreatment of our children. Moving and amazing.






Man Arrested After Drinking Iced Tea In Public Must Take Deal Or Go To Trial

A man drinking canned iced tea in a parking lot was accosted by a plainclothes beverage cop who demanded to inspect his drink.  He was placed in handcuffs and arrested.   Even though the man was innocent and was only drinking tea, prosecutors are still trying to set him up with probation and community service.

One man, Christopher Lamont Beatty, was holding a canned beverage, while his friend, Tino Brown, was recording video using his cell phone.  That’s when the two were interrupted by a man who was interested in the man’s choice of refreshments.

A man in plainclothes, claiming to be “the police”, insisted that he turn over his beverage for an inspection.  Beatty refused the stranger’s requests, but pointed out that it was only an AriZona-brand drink, “Half-and-Half” iced tea and pink lemonade — not alcohol.

Brown and Beatty pointed out that they didn’t know the identity of the nosy man and that Beatty had committed no crime.   Still, the man demanded to examine his beverage and would not take no for an answer.

The stranger then claimed that Mr. Beatty was under arrest.  He became grabby and ended up putting Beatty in a choke-hold as he took him down to the ground.

The bully, who turned out to be Alcohol & Beverage Control Law Enforcer Rick Libero, forced Mr. Beatty face-down onto the concrete and placed him in handcuffs.

The government requests that Beatty “submit to a year of probation, do 24 hours of community service, have a mental health assessment, and submit to drug testing and warrantless searches,” reported the Fayetteville Observer.

“It would get it dismissed at the end, but I would still have to take responsibility for my actions, and I felt like I did nothing wrong,” Beatty said 

Black in AmeriKKKa. 

cops are emotional pricks that cover it up with masculinity. 

Jesus fucking Christ.


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In case you’re having a bad day…here are some puppies sleeping with stuffed animals.

It’s just so…


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Return to Sender


Oh my God.

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find someone you can be quiet with —

someone who will stare at you like they’re afraid they might miss you blink, because they love the moments in which they can see your eyelids. someone who saves those snapshots to their memory banks as if they expect them to gain interest over time. who won’t look away after 7 seconds when you don’t have camera changes and special effects to keep their attention. someone who knows, or at least wants to know, how to see all of you without your passenger seat directions to bring them to your driveway. someone who will remember that, if you’re heading west at night, you turn left after the neon sign of the 24-hour diner. someone who knows that even though the sign doesn’t say it, that’s a Coney Island. and that you might be hungry. and that you can always eat lemon-rice soup. they won’t start there, but you’re allowed to demand that they search for you, in you, and know how to add up to the numbers in your address.

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